Lauren Machta

Spanish Language Professional and Children's Book Author Specializing in Teaching, Translation and Bilingualism

Lauren is a Spanish language professional and children's book author specializing in teaching, translation and bilingualism.

A native English speaker from Southern California, Lauren graduated from San Diego State University (SDSU) with a Master’s Degree in Spanish and a BA in International Business specializing in Western Europe with a minor in German.

While she specialized in Spanish Linguistics and Bilingualism in her Master’s program, she also studied Literature and History of Mexico, Spain, the Caribbean, and South America. Lauren also obtained a certificate in translation and interpreting from University of California San Diego (UCSD).

Lauren has been a translator and private Spanish teacher for over 7 years. Through her teaching experience, Lauren found that authentic materials were the most beneficial way to motivate, encourage and keep her students interest while preparing them for the ‘real’ world of communication.

However, Lauren found that there were not a lot of great options when it came to bilingual or translated children’s books. For that reason, she was driven to write a book that could not only be fun for the average reader but could also be used as a teaching tool. She was motivated by her students and inspired by her daughter to write a children’s book for both monolingual and multilingual families and for families or individuals that want to learn Spanish or English.